te ir sapņi, bērnība, gaidīšanas laiks un viss cits, kas dara mūs mazliet laimīgākus

Cocoons and wings (editorial photoshoot for Woocoon)*

"Like the sun and the moon, as cold and hot, as male and female so is wool and silks are demonstrating its most excellent characteristics in right and in the other side of clothing, joining together and becoming as one whole." /from Wocoon texts/

I am grateful to Latvians fashion designer Baiba Rēdere- she entrusted me to create the mood of photos her latest performance Cocoons and Wings.
/now i am looking for new projects for editorial photoshoots 
here in latvia and also outside in other countries/

models:Emia and Gundega/two dancers/beautuful girls

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